Frequently Asked Questions

Here at You 2 Views we Stive to help Musicians Achive there goal quicker with our services.

Yep, we’re pleased to say humans are watching your video and not robots.

Absolutely not. We issue a guarantee with every purchase that your channel won’t be suspended because of boosting your views

Great question. Other services using robots to deliver your views will tell you to disable AdSense in order to protect your channel.

That isn’t the case with us, you can keep AdSense enabled, but you won’t generate revenue from it through our viewers.

Retention, in YouTube lingo, is how long your video retains a viewer, meaning how long the viewer stays to watch the duration of your video. If a video falls under the high retention rating, it means viewers have watched at least 60-90% of the video on average.
We offer a 90% rating on our high retention views service.

You can expect to see noticeable improvements only a few hours after the process has started. However, YouTube can suspend the live counter (301+) which means it could take an extra 24 hours.

Yes definitely, If we failed in delivering your order, We will refund your order.

Please don’t file fraudulent charge backs we will fullfill your order or refund your money.

The views don’t engage with any video ads so you won’t be able to monetize from them, but AdSense can safely remain enabled.

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